Saturday, December 13, 2008

Unemployment Tips and Encouragement

There is no need to reiterate the horrible situation with our country’s economy and the trickle down effect it is having on so many lives. There are way too many of us unemployed and searching for employment religiously. We are surfing the internet highway daily, minute by minute, pounding the cold hard pavement, digging as deep as we can and networking our butts off just to find employment! Just to stay afloat, to find a job that will pay our bills and make ends meat.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! We can survive and get through this tough situation we are currently in, at no fault of our own-I might add, we can, we must and we WILL!! I don’t know about you, but failure is not an option! We have people counting on us and looking to us for assurance, guidance and direction. Therefore we tried to write an article that was going to be encouraging, motivating and uplifting. Something that will get you to thinking and seeing things in a whole different light, something that hopefully will help you keep your sanity in a tough time and to let you know there are many of us in that same exact situation and we feel your pain!

Here’s what you have to incorporate in your daily routine and make a conscience effort to practice daily and continually:
-Reach down in your spirit and grab that motivation, gut and drive (you know it’s in there) stand tall, keep your head up, be strong and have that never wavering confidence!
-Train your mind to reflect gracious, thankful, peaceful, happy, contentment, loving and genuinely kind thoughts. You are a reflection of your most inner thoughts, remember that!
-Convey that positive friction and attitude of those awesome feelings, excited actions, pleasant thoughts and battles won “out there”! Speak those positive feelings and actions out loud and put it out in the world.
-Go help someone that needs help, serve and assist someone else that could possibly be in a worse situation than you are in, volunteer at your Church or your favorite charity. You will be amazed at how satisfying and empowering this can be, plus it will help you to refocus and get your mind off and onto something else. This little exercise is very enlightening and will probably show you that it’s not as bad as you think it is and you’ll recognize that it’s easier to help someone than you thought it was.
-Face the situation at hand with a victory mind set. Refuse to be defeated, pump yourself up!
-Be diligent and devoted to yourself and the core values you have. Stand up for what you believe in consistently.
-Don’t subject or allow yourself to be defeated, depressed, and lethargic or to give up! Surround yourself with positive, happy, outgoing and confident individuals. Have a new zest for life and know that you will get through this that “this too shall pass”!

Love who you are, know you are on this earth for a reason! Remember that everything and I do mean everything happens for a reason. Although you may not see this right at this moment, however, you can do this, you will survive and you will benefit from it in some way. Stay strong; go forward with diligence and passion and a whole new attitude that will make things so much easier for you and the situation you are in.

Make it a beautiful day!

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